O-I Debuts 32-Ounce Growler to Complement Craft Beer Offering

Growler to Complement


Title: O-I Debuts 32-Ounce Growler to Complement Craft Beer Offering

GrowlersThis summer, O-I announced the debut of its U.S.-made 32-ounce growler to complement its glass packaging options for craft brewers seeking to differentiate their brands. O-I already offers a 64-ounce growler, which, along with the company’s Artisan Collection of 12 and 22-ounce bottles, provide craft brewers with a variety of distinctive, high-quality, flavor-preserving glass packages for their growing brands.

O-I’s new 32-ounce growler is great for breweries who want a dedicated, branded, refillable container  that lets their loyal customers enjoy their beer at home. Its smaller size versus traditional 64-ounce growlers make it ideal for customers who want to take multiple bottles home to experiment with a variety of flavors and styles of beer. O-I’s new 32-ounce growler is also the only glass growler available that’s marked with a 32-ounce fill point and a one-liter fill point, which makes it versatile for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The new 32-ounce growler features a low center of gravity and integrated glass handle, making it easy to fill and comfortable for carrying and pouring. Designed as a reusable product (as opposed to a single use container), it has a robust, substantial feel. It features a broad 360-degree label panel that creates a beautiful canvas for branding. It uses a stock 38 mm continuous thread closure – the same closure that our 64-ounce growler uses – that is readily available from a variety of suppliers. Beyond these features and benefits, O-I’s new 32-ounce growler has aesthetic appeal – it’s a fun container that celebrates beer.

Brewers and consumers alike know that great beer deserves glass. Only glass ensures craft beer tastes just as intended, naturally conveys quality and offers unparalleled opportunities for brand differentiation.

O-I’s 32 and 64-ounce growlers, as well as its craft beer friendly Artisan Collection, are available in quantities as small as one pallet. For more information about O-I’s craft beer offering, check out our beer product solutions page